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Winner of CSR Excellence 
PRISM Awards 2010
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STAR HomeTouch - Winning Project

Our service offerings include:

  • Strategic Counsel - Crisis & Issues Management
  • Corporate Positioning & Reputation Management
  • Branding Development
  • Internal Branding
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Editorial Services

Strategic Communications

‣ Crisis Communication ‣ Issues Management ‣ Corporate Positioning ‣ Reputation Management

We consult with senior management in handling corporate communications and issues to strategically position the organisation or brand, and more importantly, when crisis strikes.

Communicating compelling messages that resonate with the public and your stakeholders is what organisations aspire to do well consistently. The perennial challenge is whether to go for short-term communication goals or to achieve sustainable long-term business benefits. We understand that reality. Our approach is always proactive and strategic.

Before starting to communicate and engage the public and the media,it is important to have some understanding of what public perceptions are about your organisation. Knowing where you stand now and how you want to be positioned in the market in reaching where you want to be, provides the premise to strategically position your organisation for future growth and success. 

In the event of a crisis, immediate response is crucial. We work closely with senior management to respond (24/7 if necessary) to the crisis as it evolves with timely messages and manage all media interactions to minimise the business and reputational damage to the organisation.


‣ Branding Development ‣ Internal Branding ‣ Design Development ‣ Brand Guide

Surveys have shown that there is distinct correlation between a brand’s perceived strengths and how they translate into positive business results. Organisations are awakening to the value of branding, from SMEs carving a niche and a unique proposition to MNCs strengthening and sustaining their brand equity. A good brand strategy will future-proof your organisation for positive growth.

Branding development entails the right positioning of the corporate brand or the product brand in terms of market focus, design and communications. At the same time, internal branding goes beyond employee communications to building a corporate culture that prevails across the organisation. Employees, as the company’s brand ambassadors, play a pivotal role in delivering your brand promise. We customise internal branding workshops to help organisations communicate their brand story and motivations to employees at all levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is not just for the big MNCs. We have developed award winning CSR programme for an SME. We believe Doing Good is for all. Bearing in mind that CSR is a huge area, organisations could start at any level in their CSR journey depending on their available resources. At the end of the day, it is all about sustainability. Any good CSR programme needs to be sustainable over a period of time. Whether your focus is on environment, governance, social or community, organisations have to be mindful of their commitment to the cause. It requires senior management to think strategically and conscientiously permeate its beliefs and credo through the entire value chain in the organisation. However, it is important to start your CSR journey where it is administratively and resource-wise most manageable and sustainable. 

Editorial Services
We provide editing and writing services for:
  • Speeches
  • CEO Messages
  • Case studies
  • Research and Reports