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Executive Search

As part of our strategic consulting work, we help our clients in their search for suitable senior executives in the Marketing and Communications industry. The senior talent search for international agencies and multinational organisations is expansive and requires a sharp focus.

Helmed by senior practitioners each with more than 20 years of deep industry experience in key Asian cities, we profoundly understand clients’ priorities and needs. At the same time, we have also amassed an extensive network of senior practitioners in the profession across the Asia-Pacific region. Our search continuum is intensive and personally discerning.

Executive Coaching and Counselling

Executives today often feel burnout and exhausted with continuously demanding workload and family commitment. Not knowing (or forgotten) how best to manage their work and life as they move along. Our experienced coaches and counsellors are here to work with you to rebalance your life as a corporate executive at work and/or at home. We work alongside corporate executives in the following areas to help them lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
  • Performance enhancement at work
  • Get ready for a promotion, or a major role change
  • Support you in important presentations and, engaging the audience to deliver powerful messages
  • Build skill sets and confidence in dealing with people and people related issues at work by engaging positively rather than with hostility and anger
  • Use powerful soft skills – distinctively our strengths
  • Work life balance is challenging yet achievable
  • Identify and design a process with you to work through your challenges and to overcome them
  • Post coaching support thereafter
Our counsellors listen empathetically, act as your sounding boards, discuss with you, sometimes challenge your thoughts to help you identify the burning issues that truly affect your life, at work or at home. We could work with you on challenges in your: marriage; family relationship; work relationship; people issues and any other relationships. To know more, please write to [email protected] 

For organisations: To find out more about how we work, please drop us a note at [email protected]  

For individuals: To explore career advancements, write to us with your detailed CV at
[email protected]