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    What our participants say: 

    "I enjoyed your presentation about internal branding and found it very enlightening."

    "You shared many interesting insights to PR and branding and you were an engaging speaker."

    "Very knowledgeable presenter with a wealth of experience"

We have a pool of experienced public relations practitioners-trainers to provide customised communications and media training to senior executives in private and public organisations. Based on purpose-designed training framework and professionally developed training materials, we will tailor our training approach and content according to the training needs of the client. We offer training workshops in:

  • Crisis Communications and Management
  • Internal Branding
  • Key Messaging and Positioning
  • Media Training
  • Negotiation - A lifeskill for all
Crisis Communications and Management
We understand that critical business issues have to be properly managed to prevent them from escalating into crises. Our Crisis Communications and Management training workshop includes: 
  • Examining areas of vulnerability in business practices and operations
  • Developing positioning and communications strategies
  • Preparing crisis toolkits – crisis communication guide, standby statements, first 24-hour action template, fact sheet and statistics, etc
  • Handling the media - do's and don'ts 

We could also customise our crisis training workshops to specific industry sectors.

Internal Branding
Surveys have shown that there is distinct correlation between a brand’s perceived strengths and how they translate into positive business results. Many companies are awakening to the value of branding, from SMEs carving a niche and right positioning their business to MNCs strengthening and sustaining their brand equity.

However, it is imperative to remember that the core in all organisations is their people or human capital. Employees are the first group of stakeholders that have to buy-in to the company’s brand. Simply because they are the ones who will have to deliver your brand promise. At NBS, we understand that internal branding goes beyond employee communications. It’s about inculcating a corporate culture that prevails across the organisation. Our Internal Branding workshop identifies and trains employees to be effective brand ambassadors for the organisation.

  Media Training
  Senior executives of an organisation are often exposed to the media at – press conferences, media         
briefings, door stops at events, and media interviews. Spokespersons for organisations need to be well     equipped and prepared for engaging the media. A good understanding of the media landscape, interview   techniques and skills in message delivery are some key elements to achieving the best outcomes in every   media interaction. Our media training programmes are customised for each client with a clear       understanding of the key messages pertaining to each senior executive at the training workshop. The       training session can be conducted one-on-one or in small groups.

  Our media training workshop can also include hands-on key messages development and positioning.

  Negotiation - A lifeskill for all
  Having good and effective negotiation skills can make a great difference in your life. At both professional   and personal levels, a good negotiator is able to influence important decisions and achieve positive     changes in every situation. The important thing is: negotiation skills can be taught and learnt. At every     critical turning point in your life, armed with good negotiation skills, you can make things happen and     achieve successful outcomes. We conduct group or personal training sessions on negotiation skills. Some   of the achievable benefits include:

  • Understanding the stakes involved in each situation
  • Learning to do your ‘homework’ before each encounter
  • Preparing for win-win outcomes
  • Achieving the kind of influence you want
  • Learning the do’s and don’ts in every situation